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Leaders have many different styles and approaches to how they lead organizations, people, and change. Are different styles needed for different situations, or does a leader need to figure out how to adapt his or her style?

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There are various leadership styles, depending on the leader's personality and the culture of the organization. Here is a description of each leadership style:
Authoritarian (autocratic)
Leader uses his authority and power position to direct people in doing the "right" things, regardless of their opinions. This style is useful when there is urgency and the people are not really motivated to participate. Also, this is good as a starting style especially if the subordinates are still in the novice level and are not yet fully aware of their responsibilities. This is not useful for the skilled workers, as they may take it as interference.
Participative (democratic)
Leader asks for input from his subordinates, he recognizes the fact that each one has something special to contribute for the task on hand. The traditional view of a leader is ...

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