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This post addresses a task orientation leadership style.

In what type of organization do you think would be most effective for my leadership style, and in what organization would it be least effective? Compare and contrast these two types of organizations.

About Me
My leadership style is Task-orientation which means that I am concerned with getting the job done and I focus more on group interactions and the need of individual members. I am a charismatic leader which means that the ones whom followers perceive as having heroic or extraordinary leadership abilities. They need to have high self-confidence and strong convictions about their belief. I score very high on being trustworthy and I have a high faith in people. i understand the effectiveness discipline recognizes the need to provide ample warning, use calm and serious tone and be specific about the problem.

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You have the perfect leadership style for a corporate executive. You have the most ineffective leadership style for a relaxed environment. The first thing that comes to mind is a mall-type retail establishment.

I can tell you from experience that a successful corporate executive has each trait that you have in your leadership style. An executive needs to be extremely task oriented. If not, deadlines will be missed, and the company will lose money. In a retail establishment, if you're not task oriented, requiring extra time generally isn't an issue. The retail store carries inventory, and jobs can be delegated more easily, as far as tasks that involve getting products out, restocking shelves, etc. ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion examining the task-orientation leadership style and in what organizations this type of leadership style would be the most and least effective.