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    Why are effective communication skills a "must" skill for successful leadership? How can responsible supportive communication assist in establishing positive group relationships for the leader?

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    The concept of leadership is continually shifting and evolving. It depends on the organization and the people who belong to it. Nevertheless, a leader will always be someone who will accomplish great things by letting other people join his endeavors. There will always be individuals who have the ability to lead and inspire people in achieving a common goal, and this person will be the driving force of every organization.

    As a leader he has to satisfy all the stakeholders of the firm so that they can make important decisions. These users include investors, creditors, management, governmental agencies, labor unions, and others. Each of these groups of external decision-makers requires unique information to be able to make decision about the reporting enterprise. His main role will be as follows:

    He has to be directly connected with the business- customers, dealers and suppliers. Make them more competitive and think global, along with you
    Further extend it to the the communities immediately surrounding the firm's operational location, through innovative programs of adult literacy, health, vocational training and career guidance to the youth so as to raise the quality of life.
    Reach out to the shareholders and their families beyond dividends to create awareness of social environmental and other public environment issues.
    Build a better image for own ...

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