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Steps to Effectiveness

Please help with the following questions found in the book: Leadership Theory and Practice 4th edition written by Peter G. Northouse (2007). Please answer in detail with at least 250 words.

Explain the two steps leaders must fulfill to be effective according to the situational approach to leadership. Apply these steps to a current situation in which you are a follower. What style would be most appropriate for leading you, according to the theory and why? Do you agree?

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According to Northouse (2002), "effective leadership occurs when the leader can accurately diagnose the development level of subordinates in a task situation and then exhibit the prescribed leadership style that matches that situation" (p. 73). Situational leadership examines "how leaders can become effective in many different types of organizational settings involving a wide variety of organizational tasks" (Northouse, 2001, p. 55). The change in the leadership role or in the techniques, behaviors, and decisions of the leader will vary according to the situation at hand. The effectiveness of a leader depends on how he/she adapts his/her leadership style as necessary according to his diagnosis on where the subordinates are on the development continuum. Northouse has examined leadership behaviors for effectiveness into two groups: tasks and relationships or it can also be said that it is composed of both a directive (task) and supportive (people) dimension. These two are "inextricably tied together" hence, if a leader is highly competent in both areas and intuitive regarding the mix required in any situation, then he/she will be effective. Situational leadership depends on the task behavior (the amount of direction) and the relationship behavior (socioemotional support) that leaders must provide to suit the particular situations and the levels of readiness of the group or followers in relation to the task on hand. ...

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The solution discusses the two steps leaders must fulfill to be effective according to the situational approach to leadership. It also shows how one applies this steps to a current situation as a follower, the style that would be appropriate according to the theory and the reasons. References included.