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The Role of the Human Resource Department

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What role does the human resource department play in the hospital? How does the human resource department affect a hosptial's organizational structure and function?

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The human resource department plays a very important role in the hospital, due to the fact that this department is instrumental in marketing for highly qualified individuals to hire in order to work for a particular hospital. The human resource department is also instrumental in conducting very careful analysis of the individuals who apply for positions within the hospital, and selecting those ...

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Describe the HR roles and responsibilities in an organization with which you are familiar. Explain how and where HR fits in your organization. Attach a copy of your organization's organizational chart, if available, to your paper. Use interviews with your HR representatives or staff persons, Web site articles, Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR) articles, and/or HR journal articles to support your paper

I have an organizational chart, but my company only has 18 employees and we have no HR department, and my last job was in the Army and we had no "HR" department in that organization either. So I have no experience with HR.

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