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    Managing Difficult Conversations Case Study #1

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    Read the article How to Handle Difficult Conversations at Work @ https://hbr.org/2015/01/how-to-handle-difficult-conversations-at-work. In your small group, you will be assigned one of the two case studies at the end of the article (case study 1)

    Each member of your small group will answer the following questions:
    How could the situation or conversation have been handled differently so that expectations and concerns were communicated clearly?
    What is your recommendation in this case? Would you conduct a formal or informal conversation, and why?

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    If I were to handle the situation, I would have had conducted an informal conversation since the employees are close to each other. It will be more effective if there was compassion shown and an acknowledgement of the feelings of the person being terminated. Although it is right that we should separate the feelings from the job, there are situations that we need to show care and compassion when we relay information in a difficult conversation.
    Before Tabatha talked to him, her mindset was set to become firm in the decision and ...

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    The expert determines how a situation or conversation could have been handled differently so that expectations and concerns were communicated clearly.