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Company Reorganization: Future of Human Resources

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This solution thoroughly addresses the following case study questions:

Provide an example of a company that has done a total " turnaround". Determine if the turnaround has been effective and improved its profitability.
The example utilized is that of a new CEO to Yahoo; whom eliminated the ability for employees to work from home. The impacts of this negative "turnaround" are discussed in detail.

Examine changes and developments that are currently taking place in the field of HR management. Predict two changes and developments that are likely to occur in this field in the next 10 years.
Anticipated changes include the continued popularity of social media and how prospective job candidates can literally be contacted on a global basis.

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In 2013, a significant "turnaround" - for the worse, was highly publicized when Yahoo's new CEO Marissa Mayer eliminated the work-at-home movement that a vast majority of employees enjoyed. Employees who had the luxury of working remote were advised that by June 2013, they would be required to relocate to an actual office (Sherman, 2013). Although this significant change has yet to pass, in order to contemplate the "real world" applications, it is unlikely this "turnaround" will prove effective; perhaps not even profitability. In order to attract, and retain, top talent - compensation and benefits must be competitive. With the "lead time" of ending remote work capabilities, it would seem likely that employees who perhaps specifically pursued employment with Yahoo for this perk decide to leave. In the highly competitive technology field, where changes occur daily, if not hourly - dropping this perk with the risk of losing Yahoo's best, and ...

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This two-part solution provides an example of how the introduction of a new CEO at Yahoo produced a negative "turnaround" in both public image and employer image. Next, the solution explains emerging changes within Human Resources, likely on the horizon over the next 10 years. The solution is about 550 words longs and provides two references.

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