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    Global Labor Relations: Future of Unions and Protective Rights

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    As the global workforce continues its disaggregation what does that mean for the future of unions? How does a worker in China for a U.S. company receive the same protective rights as a U.S. worker for the same U.S. company?

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    In the following paper there is a discussion about future of union, as with the changing time it has been witnessed that the global forces are going in for disaggregation. Along with this, there is a discussion about the similar treatment given to the Chinese and U.S. workforce in a U.S. company.

    In order to explain this, it is very important to understand the meaning of the terms, i.e. global forces and disaggregation. Global workforce is the one where in the employers recruit a group of people to work for the company who geographically belong to different areas. The workforce is linked with each other with the ...

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    The response addresses the queries regarding global labor relations: future of unions and protective rights posted in 421 words with references.