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Dealing with Union "Salting" as a HR Manager

Suppose that you are a Human Resource Manager in a nonunion manufacturing facility. Recently, you have suspected that several job applicants are really union "salts."("Salting" is when union organizers apply for jobs with nonunion firms in hopes of either getting hired and organizing a union or, if not hired, filing charges with the NLRB accusing the firm of discriminating against them because they are pro-union.) You aren't eager to hire professional union organizers to work for you, but you don't want to run afoul of the law either.

What should I do in this situation? Analyze the issue of "salting," and justify your recommendations.

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This is a tough situation. If you do not hire the "salts" the labor unions can file claims against the company to show discrimination. If you do hire the "salts" the union may infiltrate your shop, causing more problems. In mid-Jun Rep. Steve King reintroduced legislation to allow employers to refuse to hire "salts: called the Truth in Employment Act of ...

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This solution discusses a scenario in which a Human Resource Manager, in a nonunion manufacturing facility, is dealing with union "salts' applying for jobs. It discusses how the manager can behave without running into legal problems. It analyzes "salting" and gives links and examples.