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Just-In-Time and Competitive Advantage

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How does JIT (Just-In-Time) contribute to competitive advantage?

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How does JIT (Just-In-Time) contribute to competitive advantage?

The JIT, Just-In-Time, contributes to competitive advantage in several ways. Just-In-Time in time seeks to reduce inventory and inventory carrying costs. Just-In-Time concentrates on continuous improvement and improves an organizations quality and efficiency. In general, Just-In-Time increases employee involvement, flow of work, and quality (20. Now competitive advantage is what a firm has over its competitors, enabling them to generate higher sales and margins or retain more customers than its competition. The common sources of competitive advantages are the cost structure, product offerings, distribution system, and customer support (3).

In general the firm has two types of advantages. The first is comparative advantage or cost advantage and the other is ...

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