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    The Benefits of Project Management and Methods

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    In various modules within a course, students are ask to research answers to discussion questions that relate to the course as they progress from week to week. Here is a discussion question posted by a student regarding project management.

    1. What are the benefits of project management? Provide an example of how you have relied on project management and explain how you might improve your project management skills.
    2. What are the various manufacturing processes? Which manufacturing process is most appropriate for your organization and why?
    3. What is the difference between synchronous manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing? How might your organization rely on these methods to become more competitive and efficient?

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    The main idea for these questions is to help the student relate their experience with project management in real life. People, cash, and capital assets are used in operations management as key elements that create a competitive advantage. Project management is about the process used to produce goods and services desired by customers efficiently, without error and at low cost.

    To answer questions regarding your personal experience, look to see what basic principles are employed at your work that guide the design of transformation processes. You might work or know someone that works in the capacity of a plant manager such as the Aplets and Cotlets candy manufacturing in Washington, hospital administrator such as clinical information manager who are responsible for project management, bank managers such as improving portfolio management, department store manager and many more ...

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    The purpose of the this article is to introduce students to the importance and benefits of project management. This solution will help students realize that behind each product available on the market starts with a project manager who implements a strategy that brings a product to fruition with efficeincy and cost savings while still maintain competitive advantage.