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Executive Summary

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Research any industry, business, or professional practice.

Write an Executive Summary discussing the business entity structure (for example, the advantages and disadvantages of the structure, liability issues and risks against which the business must protect itself against). Compare and discuss the difference of the company's entity against any other business entity structure you learned in this week's material.

Include in the Executive Summary the various types of intellectual property (IP) and what ways a business can protect its IP rights .

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Hello there! I have included below my suggestions for your assignment. I used a specific business within the education industry. You can simply reformat and adapt this information for your assignment. There are easily more than 2 pages here.

I suggest that you focus on Harlem Academy, an education organization in New York that is easy to understand and can be expanded upon within the guidelines of the assignment you were given. I've also included references.

Every organization exists to provide value for stakeholders. Determining who those stakeholders are and determining how much risk the organization is willing to accept as it "strives to create value" is an important part of professional practice (Flaherty, Maki, et. al., 2004).
Risk management is a concept used by managers within organizations to identify, assess, and manage risk. Developing an entity structure to gauge and improve risk management systems is an important task and in response to the cross-industry need for such a framework, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) released a comprehensive Executive Summary on the topic in 2004. ...

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Shows an example executive summary for an IP company.

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