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    Doing Business in Australia - Sunglasses

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    My company "iShadz" sells designer sunglasses at a discounted price. I currently have a store front in California and a website where I sell the glasses. I want to expand the business globally and need to look at how each of the following variables will affect my business both positively and negatively. The country I am expanding to is Australia.

    - Physical and demographic
    - Cultural environment
    - Economic environment.

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    - Physical and demographic:

    Young people make a significant portion of the population in Australia. This factor will positively affects company's sales in Australia as young population is more interested in buying designer sunglasses. The male to female ratio in the age group of 12 to 25 is 51 to 49 approximately, which is also not negative for the organization. Cheap designer sunglasses appeal to both male and female population in this age group. Hence, the demographic characteristics ...

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    Discusses the impact of demographic, cultural and economic factors of Australia on sunglasses business.