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Analyze Current Competitors

If Bausch and Lomb were to market a polarized contact lens; analyze current competitors and define the competitive landscape for the product.

The top three competitors listed on hoovers.com are:

Alcon Labs

CIBA Vision Corporation


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Let's start with analyzing the top competitors in the market.

Alcon Labs

Alcon's core business is centered on three key divisions. Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Consumer Vision Care. As of 2006, sales reached nearly US$5 billion. The firm conducts its business from Alcon offices located in 75 countries around the world in regions including Canada and the Far East; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean; and the United States. As the world's second largest manufacturer of consumer vision care products consumer vision care product line includes contact lens care products such as our line of optifree contact lens solutions, as well as a full line of artificial tears that provide comfort to individuals suffering from dry ...

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The solution analyzes current competitors and defines the competitive landscape for a product.