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Reducing employee stress; importance of innovation to growth

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What are some of the ways an organization can reduce employee stress?

Why is innovation important to the growth of organizations? Explain your answer.

How does change become a political issue in organizations? Provide examples to support your answer

Evidence has identified three: integrity, benevolence, and ability
How would you characterize and contrast these different types of characteristics? Can you relate them to your own experience in your work environment?

Can you suggest how a leader increases self-leadership among his or her followers?

After a company goes through a radical change like a relocation of its headquarters to another city, it can be expected that there will be some disruption of normal operations beyond the physical problems because of the resistance of employees to these changes.
Are there any ways in which a company can overcome these resistances?

There are various factors which influence change within organizations, such as a changing workforce, disruptions in the economy or competition, to name a few.

Can you provide an example of a force for change and describe how it has affected a particular industry, market or company?

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Reducing employee stress

Robbins (1998) defines stress as a condition in which an individual is confronted with an opportunity, constraint, or demand related to what he or she desires and for which the outcome is perceived to be both uncertain and important. This author further noted that stress is often associated with constraints and demands. Constraints are forces that prevent an individual from achieving what he desires while demands indicate the loss of something desired.

The above definition and description indicate that stress is basically caused by uncertainties and inability of the employee to achieve what he desires because of the presence of various constraints.

To reduce employee stress, the organization must therefore be aware of the employee situations. The management must be smart enough to identify what the he desires, what he is capable of doing, and what factors constrain the employee in achieving what he desires.

There are several factors that cause employee stress - personal, economic, technological, organizational, political, and other factors. Personal factors may include family situation, health problems, among others. Technological may include modern facilities and equipment that may make the employee feels that his skills are obsolete and inadequate. Organizational factors may include job demands, leadership/management, peers organizational structure and others that put pressure to the employee causing him to develop a feeling of fear and anxiety. Economic has something to do with the employee's financial condition while political refers to laws, policies, rules and regulations.

The organization may look into factors that it has the capability to modify or change in order to reduce employee stress. Organizational designs and structures may be reviewed and further improved if needed; trainings may be conducted to allow employees to cope with job demands and technological changes; communication processes may be improved to reduce the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety in relation to laws, policies and regulations; financial assistance and appropriate support may be provided; and working conditions may be improved to allow employees to cope with family situations.

Importance of innovation to the growth of organizations

Innovation ...

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The expert examines reducing employees stress and the importance of innovation to growth.

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