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Developing Workforces, Evidence of Commitment and Success

Select two companies that have a successful program for developing leaders and/or might be in trouble

Compare and contrast how the selected companies are developing their workforces.
Indicate what is missing in the selected companies strategies.
Describe what should be added in the selected companies' strategies.
Examine and indicate evidence of a program or strategy for learning of the selected companies.
Examine and indicate evidence of commitment from the leadership teams of the selected companies.
Examine and indicate evidence of success of failure in program of selected companies.

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Company profiles

Fast company is one of the leading progressive business media bran in the world and provides unique content on leadership, ethonomics, design, and innovation in technology. The editorial content is written by, for and about the most progressive business leaders to inspire the users and readers to create the future of business intelligence, think beyond traditional borders of doing business, and leads in important conversations. It mainly deals with innovation, social leadership, marketing platform, business, technology, breaking news and leadership (Fast Company, 2011; Linkedin company profiles, 2011).
CEOExpress in a business portal online private company created for business executives to search for information. Founded in 1998 company deals with developing and organizing the best resources on the web for busy business executives who do not need to search the internet for the needed information (CEOExpress, 2011). The company has four web portals: LawyerExpress, MDExpress, WiredCEO, and a wireless portal for executives and JournalistExpress (Jacobs, 2010).

Comparing and contrasting how selected companies are developing their workforce

Fast company develops it works force through employee training with the latest business tools that allows the employee to not only access information with ease but also enhance a knowledge sharing among the workforce. Its recent use of mind flash, a new cloud based service is sparking a new form of knowledge sharing and training of employees at fast company (Starks, 2011). Their model of training rather differs from the traditional model where they were centralized; instead the main focus is mainly on employees learning from each other.

Fast company provides tools that help their employees stay ahead in information with regard to leadership, ethonomics (ethical economics), design, and innovation in technology matters, with a mentoring program allowing young team members to learn from more knowledgeable and experienced ones and encouraging innovation, initiative, and communication with others through effective team building and knowledge sharing platforms (Magne, 2010). The company also has various career zones that help guide their employees through various career cycles, networking the employees and several of fast company's contributors thereby infusing the company team with talent (Layne, 2000).

Unlike Fast Company which builds its contents from numerous contributors, ...

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