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Projects and processes

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Compose an essay using at least three references in which the following answers:

Contrast the differences between a project and a process
Explain why project management is often used to train future senior executives
Discuss at least two detriments to project success
Describe"escalation of commitment" and where it fits in the lore of organizational culture

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Contrast the differences between a project and a process

The differences between projects and processes are vast as these two business functions are entirely different. A project represents an entirely new endeavor that has never been done before while a process entails repetitive actions that are done repeatedly. Project's set goals, which seek to create new products, policies, etc. while implementing change while processes seek to create continuity within the organization by repeatedly performing a task. When conducting a project, the project managers can update objectives and strategic plans in agreement with team dynamics while processes can't successfully be changed without unless there is significant planning and investment. In essence, for processes to change, the organization must conduct a project. Finally, projects are innovative and promote change while processes resist change.


Explain why ...

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Projects and processes are examined.