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Case Study - Innovation for 3M using Greptile Technology

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Based on the attached case study...

Has to do with the topic of research and and user-centered design in the innoviation process...

1. What other applications do you envision for the Greptile technology within the sports and leisure market?

2. What new market applications (outside of sports and leisure) do you envision for the Greptile grip technology? Justify why you think these new market applications are warranted.

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1. Other applications for the Greptile technology within the sports and leisure market would include the use of the fabric for bike gloves marketed to cyclists and triathletes, as well as for weight trainers. In both cases it behooves the athlete to have a glove which helps grip the equipment without having the athlete exert more force at the point of contact. Greptile might also be used on running barefoot shoes (to protect the foot and grip the running surface) as well as for aquatic shoes. Another consideration for the material would be for climbing, and to use in climbing gyms. An additional market application within leisure activities ...

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This solution discusses application for 3M's new "Greptile" technology based on attached cases study and suggests applications for the technology within the sports and leisure market as well as market technologies for outside this market. It includes detailed examples.