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    Exploring Innovation in Action - Case Study

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    Identify the different types of knowledge needed throughout the growth of the new venture. Case Study attached.

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    "Knowledge" in strategic business management means something different from that word in other settings. The definition of knowledge draws from the terms "data" and "information." Data are just facts, disorganized, but dealing with a certain situation or event. Information is the first step in organizing the data so that it could be useful in solving problems. Information is data filed in its proper category and context, and even condensed if necessary. Knowledge is certainly knowing how to do something, but it also includes experience, and insight, and understanding, and it also figures in organizational culture and other factors that clearly apply to a project at hand.

    The three founders of Helax AB obviously had knowledge of their respective fields, having degrees in physics, mathematics and computer science. They also had some experience with using IT in medical applications. The central project to be developed into a system is called Computer Aided Radio Therapy, which provides information management for cancer patients, integrating the various treatments which these patients must undergo, so that a clear arrangement of the data and results is gathered in order that every doctor and health care professional could easily ...

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