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Traditional management approaches

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Please explain to me the traditional management approaches to solving negative issues affecting time, cost and quality in a construction project by use of case studies.


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The traditional management approach is very useful in solving negative issues relating to time and cost in the construction industry. Consider the case of laying the foundation. The negative is that the municipal inspection of the foundation is conducted and the date of inspection occurs before the foundation is completed. The result is that the municipal inspector turns up and insulation work and damp-proofing is not complete. The municipal inspector gives a poor report and part of the foundation walls now have to be torn up to satisfy the requirements of the inspector. In such a case, the traditional management approach is useful. The command and control style requires that the supervisor has the exact knowledge of how insulation and damp-proofing needs to be done. The supervisor has the exact timetable as to when weeping tiles need to be installed to drain ground moisture away. He gives exact orders about how work has to be done, when it has to ...

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