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Strategic HR Management and Planning for pending retirements

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Considering the huge number of pending retirements in the U.S., what should your organization do to prepare for this phenomenon? How will you ensure that your organization has the necessary human resources it needs for the next 20 years?

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There are several actions that my firm is taking now to ensure we are prepared for this occurrence.

First, we encourage potential retirees to stay longer by allowing them to work part time (1-2 days per week). This helps to eliminate the 'brain drain' phenomenon and ensures that these individuals are present to train the next generation for, at least, a short time to come.

We are implementing additional technology strategies (particularly B2B supply chain IT/inventory management strategies) ahead of the curve to not only allow us a competitive edge, but to allow us ...

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A detailed explanation of potential ways to deal with the impending 'mass exodus' of boomers about to retire from corporate America.