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    Project Resource Management

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    Identify some factors that could influence the accuracy of the teams estimates (attached budget shows my estimates).

    The Managed Care Department of the hospital has decided to implement a Case Management System called Care+. The cost of the software is $450,000. This includes the cost of the software, software configuration, conversion of existing data into the software database, training for 2 people, and on-site resources for 2 days during the initial installation and go-live. A total number of 12 users will need training to operate this software. Training time is 2 days per person. This will be accomplished by the 2 people in-house that are trained by the vendor. This software system will require the purchase of 3 servers ($1,250 each) that will be configured in a cluster to support the department's request for redundancy and failover. In addition, backup software for each server is $1,500. The average salary of an IT worker is $91/hour. You will need 1 programmer (40 hours), 1 database manager (65 hours), 1 project analyst (150 hours), 1 operations analyst (20 hours), 1 interface manager (20 hours), and 1 networking analyst (10 hours).

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    Not sure how detailed they want you to go here but I think when looking at the accuracy of the estimates you need to consider some of the following:

    1. Accuracy of the figures quoted for costs:

    For something like the software or hardware cost this will be agreed and contracted for and unlikely to change but if you look at the labor costs quoted, then its simply an average. The different levels of contractor will have a different real salary and its not even certain that they can hire people for the average salary in any ...