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Assess the external pay equity issues in the military, including a determination of external equity using the most common criteria (geographical location, industry, and job characteristics)

Identify a process that an organization within the military could use to evaluate specific positions within the military for both internal and external pay competitiveness.

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External Pay Equity Issues in the military


Geographical location: The army pays situation-unique entitlements based on location, dependent status and special skills. These payments fail on two grounds. First, the total of these entitlements are not comparable with those earned by officers in corporations that are posted in war zones. Second, every entitlement requires additional documentation and form filling which makes it difficult to get these entitlements.
In case of private companies these "allowances" are automatically built into the pay package and reflect in higher earnings.

Industry: Hardship duty pay location, hostile fire pay and combat zone tax exemption, family separation allowance and Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance if taken together is less than the pay packages being offered to American personnel on private security duty in war struck zones like Iraq and Afghanistan.
Even those staff that are not involved with security are being paid hazard pay. For example, the UN has authorized a monthly hazard pay of $1,300 per month for all international personnel ...

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