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Managing Human Resources Globally

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1. What was the main point of disagreement between the union and the management? State each side's position and the final outcome.

2. How did this strike affect the community - economically, employee productivity, government...?

3. Under what condition/situation can the President step in and end a strike and demand employees return to their rightful positions?

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In this case, the main point of disagreement between the union and the management was the fact that a new program was introduced in which the newer employees with the transit system would have to pay a larger portion of their income toward their pensions. This situation led to a strike that was initiated and led by the union, and the management decided that the strike was illegal based upon the circumstances. This led to the management of the transit authority deciding to take the striking transit workers to court, and the court found that the strike was in violation of a New York law prohibiting ...

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