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Leadership Skills and Competencies

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Last night in your organization, the entire management team was fired - all thirty of them. They have left the company. The Board of Directors has appointed you to immediate replace the entire management team. Fortunately, you have just invented a "Leadership Skills and Competencies" machine in your garage. The machine creates a special pill that - when consumed - will immediately bestow a certain set of skills and competencies into every manager you hire.

The last bit of programming left to complete your machine is to type in descriptive skills and competencies that the pills will produce. You sit down and begin to type into a file that looks just like this post.

What are the skills that you will list? What are the competencies? What results do you anticipate?

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This solution of 1,472 words explores the issues of human resource management with examples and also lists the favorable skills, competencies and results of an ideal manager with justifications.

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