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What affects do cultural and legal factors have on the organizational effectiveness of a company considering a merger with an international organization? What HR challenges may occur as a result of such an acquisition?

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There are definitely cultural and legal considerations an organization will need to deal with for such a merger to occur. If you examine business norms in other countries compared to the USA (where I work. Canada is similar to the US as is the UK) you will find some very different practices.

This is how the question breaks down:
A company is considering merging with an overseas organization
- How is the company going to be affected legally and culturally
- What are the HR challenges

I would discuss how different norms and challenges are to be expected depending on the location of the foreign company. Mergers between US and Canadian companies might truly not be as stressful as companies merging between the US and France or US and China, for example. Research some countries ...

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