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HRM Focus: Changing or improving the HRM System

Write as the CEO/Leader of a company and use this question as a guide to your writing. "How can a leader use HRM as a function that will contribute to goals of the organization?"

When you are thinking of a leader of a company in achieving its goals, a good way to approach this (not the only way) is to think of some corporate objectives a company might have, then think about the relationship the CEO would have with the HR department and what kinds of things he or she might have HR do or help the CEO do.

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Increase profit is the main goal of every company and it is imperative that a company must have corporate objectives in order to reach this goal. As the CEO/Leader in the company you must have the potential to implement these objectives.

The CEO serves is the Managing director: the highest-ranking executive officer within a company or corporation, who has responsibility for overall management of its day-to-day affairs under the supervision of a board of directors. While, HRM is functioning as employee recruitment and management: the field of business concerned with recruiting and managing employees (Microsoft® Encarta® 2009). Both positions are vital to the realization of the goals and objectives of the ...

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The following posting discusses how a leader can use human resource management to achieve the goals of a company.