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    Five marketing orientations

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    What are the five common marketing orientations used by international companies to market their products or services globally? Please explain each. In your estimation how does branding interact/influence these marketing orientations?

    Explain the geocentric approach to staffing and its advantages and disadvantages for international company staffing. If you were expanding a business overseas which of the staffing approaches would you use? Why?

    What are the leading reasons to staff foreign operations with local personnel? What are the opposing reasons for the polycentric approach of staffing? What controls or precautions would you institute if you were the company CEO?

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    //While writing this paper, types of marketing orientation useful for the international companies will be identified. Also, advantages and disadvantages of geocentric approach to staffing will be explained followed by reason for choosing geocentric approach to expand business. Finally, importance of hiring local personnel for foreign business will be highlighted. Light will be shed on the disadvantages of polycentric approach to staffing and precautions taken by the CEO to overcome these problems will be explained//

    Marketing orientation plays an important role in developing new kind of products in the market. This approach is very useful for those organizations, which who want to achieve growth and success in the long run. In this approach, the business reacts according to the needs of the customers. The decision taken by the company is based around the information given by the customers regarding their needs, instead of focusing on what the business thinks right for the customers (Wymer, Wymer, et al. ,2006). There are five common types of marketing orientations, which are used by international companies to market their products or services globally, which are product orientation, sales orientation, customer orientation, strategic marketing orientation and societal marketing orientation (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2002).

    International companies, with the help of product orientation, market their products or services globally, which have high efficiency or high quality products. International companies use this approach because they can sell the commodity easily where there is product differentiation by some country. In addition to this, it is used for passive exports so that the surplus could be minimized in the domestic market. Further, sales orientation helps the international companies to sell their product abroad when they are confident that they sell nationally and feel that the customers will be satisfied globally. With the help of sales orientation, the international companies get the power to sell their same product in different countries where the characteristics of the customers regarding the product are the same.

    On the other hand, with the customer orientation, the international companies are able to perceive the tastes of the patrons in the market place. With the help of this, the international companies can overcome the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1442 words with references.