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Finding an Article on Business Strategy

Find an article on a company of your choice in the paper, magazine, journal, or on the Internet, that provides information on its business strategy.

1. Summarize the company's business strategy by identifying:
a. Customers: who are their customers and how do they work for them?
b. Organization: what is the nature of practices or processes required to meet their mission?
c. Products and/or services: what are their products and/or services?
2. What is the current business strategy and emphasis for the company?
3. What are the key training issues and implications for this strategy?

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Article (attached): Celera changes Business Strategy

Celera, a biotech company, had a plan to sell access to the genetic data to researchers and drug companies. (They had been credited with helping map the human genome six years ago). Now, that the hoopla has died down, and layoffs had taken their toll (180 of the 500 employees), they are shifting their business strategy and is largely getting out of the ...

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The solution summarizes a companies business strategy, customers, organization, and products and services.