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International Finance Applied to Business Management

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How might international finance apply to business management of a US hospital? U.S. hospital business management may initially appear isolated from international finance concepts. How might having an understanding of international finance be beneficial? Relate and discuss the relevance of any 3 international finance concepts to business management of a US hospital.

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1. U.S. hospital business management needs a thorough understanding of international finance because demand and supply on the international market also affects demand for medical services, including hospital stays and hospital care. Because this is specifically about the U.S., the U.S. has a world famos hospital that many people travel to for care from all over the world (the Cleveland Clinic). At any given time, there are diplomats, kings, and others there from various countries receiving care due to ...

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This solution provides a thorough discussion of international finance and health care. All finance questions presented are discussed in detail.

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