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    International Finance Manager of Samsung

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    Please write about the international financial manager of Samsung. This is the individual who is in charge of international financial management at your company. Also, describe the position they hold in the firm?

    What is his or her background?

    Discuss his or her approach to managing foreign risks? Give examples.

    Be detailed and be specific.

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    International financial manager

    Analysis of risk, control of resources and the determination of rewards encompass the main duties of an international finance manager. An international finance manager facilitates profit maximization by conducting thorough and proper planning, reporting and validation of financial information. The department of international finance is essential to an organization because it supports the financial activities involved in worldwide operations (Zelgalve & Berzkalne, 2011). Samsung's international finance manager is charged with the responsibility to coordinate with respective country financial to ensure that financial operations are running smoothly. The international finance manager deals with various aspects of finance such as budgeting, auditing and accounting. He ensures that the company's combined financial records are recorded accurately and are presented within the required time. Accurate recording and timely reporting is essential for an international organization in providing financial information to stakeholders and also shows the company progress within a stipulated period.

    The international finance manager has a lot in his plate and this includes his responsibility to provide financial strategy to be employed by the organization. He is also charged with provide direction in which company ...

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    The solution briefly outlines the duties implicit for an international finances manager before talking about the one in Samsung and his roles and strategies of risk management. 763 words with two references.