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    CEO Ford's Future Positives

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    Ford Motor: Use recent balance sheet and other information to answer the following questions:

    Who is the CEO? Is his view of Ford's future positive? What are the challenges as he sees them?

    What was the Revenue for 2010? From what sources did Ford make their Revenue?

    What was the Net Income for 2010?

    What were the earnings per share in 2010? (Hint: 2 answers.)

    Did Ford increase or decrease debt in 2010? By how much?

    Is their B/S bigger or smaller in 2010 than 2009? What changed significantly in their B/S?

    Is owner's equity better or worse than in 2010 than 2009?

    Have they made any significant changes to meet company or industry needs?

    Where is there international focu?

    Did auto sales grow worldwide in 2010? By how much?

    What are the two classes of stock?

    How many Coomon shares are available?

    When was the last issue of Coomon stock?

    What is the current price per share?

    What is their ticker symbol?

    What exchange is the stock traded?

    What was their 52 week high? What date?

    What was the 52 week low? What was the date?

    What is the P/E ratio? Where did you findit?

    When was the last dividend?

    Tell me something you did not know about Ford before this exercise?

    Provide a brief update on the performance of Ford in 2011? How has their world changed since 2010?

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    The CEO and the view of Ford's future positives are determined. The revenues for 2010 is given.