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    Job Satisfaction & Performance Evaluation

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    Research found no strong relationship between job satisfaction and job performance â?" Iaffaldano and Muchinsky, 1985.

    However, job satisfaction remains one of the most researched topics in I/O psychology.

    Why do you think researchers are interested in the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance?

    How are the consequences of job satisfaction important to organizations?

    What would you suggest organizations do to increase job satisfaction?

    (Base your answer on research concepts previously discussed in the class.)

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    Job Satisfaction and Job Performance:

    Researchers have continually searched for the relationship between the performance of a job by an employee its and the satisfaction because every organization tries increase the work output of the employees so as to meet the organizations objective.

    Job satisfaction is the condition in which an employee feels satisfied with the tasks they perform in the organization. This is important to the organization because from the human nature, a person is well able to perform their duty well when they are satisfied. It's is not that an organizational easily attains its set objectives when the tasks performed by the employees is correct since it brings an overall increase of their productivity through specialization.
    Job satisfaction is also increase motivation and commitment among the employees. Satisfaction in this case may imply that the employee feels that the returns and benefits they contrive from working for the organization is fair and equitable to their input. This is important to the organization since a motivated workforce is more willing to learn about their job and ...

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