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Virtual e-commerce

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What are the similarities and differences between the virtual (online/e-commerce) and the "real-world" customer?

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The similarities and differences between the virtual and real-world customers are discussed.

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Both are trying to get a product at the best price.

Both are shopping around for higher end products for the best price.

Many times, but not in all instances, real world stores have online stores that customers can shop at and online stores have real world stores as well. Thus, e-commerce customers who are unsure if they want to buy something have the option of either going to the store and trying it out and real world customers have the option of thinking about whether to buy an item and then going online to buy that item.


At most places in the real world, customers are able to use cash, credit cards and check. However in e-commerce, using cash is not an option and e-commerce tends to me more selective of the type of payment ...

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