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    Metrics for e-business website

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    I have a general idea on how to answer this DQ thanks to BrainMass, but I need examples of metrics that I can use to measure things such as, how many visitors you had to the site, how many were unique visitors, how many have been to the site before etc. Here's the question I'm trying to answer.

    Your boss who is the VP of E-Business has asked you to draw up a list of metrics to be measured and reported on, for your company website. How would you go about deciding which metrics to choose? What 3-4 metrics would you recommend as the top priority?

    Some examples of metrics could be number of visits each day to the site or look-to-buy rate (percentage of visits to the products page that are eventually converted to purchases).

    (You may want to visit some popular web analytics tool companies such as webtrends(www.webtrends.com) and websidestory(www.websidestory.com) to research on web metrics

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    The number of visitors to the website as well as percentage of visitors that actually make a purchase is indeed one of the critical metrics for evaluating the performance of the website as such metrics enables the company to ascertain about the effectiveness of its web marketing programs such as Search engine optimization strategies, link building, etc. The metrics related to number of visitors can be further segregated to identify the number of visitors from each source, such ...

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    Metrics for e-business website