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    Do a search on the Internet for digital certificates? Explain (1) the definition and importance of authentication, (2) the definition, benefits, and process of using digital certificates for authenticating users, and (3) the ethical responsibility for authentication and revocation.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 681 words with references.

    Definition of Authentication

    The process of confirming one's identity is known as authentication. Authentication is very critical to the security in many networks. For accessing network resources, a user must have a digital identity, generally a user ID. Along with a digital identity, it must be proved by the user that it is same user as represented by the user ID. The objective of authentication is to make sure that only correct user is able to prove his/her identity (Mallery, et al., 2005).

    Importance of Authentication

    Nowadays, the companies are increasingly performing online transactions with their key stakeholders and in turn, providing access to their confidential data. Therefore, a strong authentication is required to ensure proper security of the confidential data. Authentication is required not only at the time when the user log in, but through the entire duration when the data is being accessed by the user (Kelley, 2001).

    Definition of Digital Certificate

    A digital certificate is a digital document through which the identity and ownership of public key of an entity is verified. In order to have trusted interactions with an entity, one must know its public key. A public key is simply a set of numbers. An entity can be anything; a person, a ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 681 words with references.