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Implementing an effective proposal

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Say an internet company is looking for ways to generate more traffic to their site and currently looking for designers that can do the job effectively and efficiently.

Write an effective business proposal for the project to convince them of ways the site can be improved and explain risks involved, etc.

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Implementing an effective proposal

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Please see the enclosed word document for the guidelines.


The Internet continues to change every aspects of our life, and changes the way consumers make their purchase decisions. It is essential for organizations, large or small, to understand ecommerce from a broad perspective, to learn the basics of underlying technology, to assess the impact of the technology on business processes, to foresee how the Internet may shape the course of the future in our everyday life and business word, and to fully enjoy the benefits of electronic ecommerce in their business practices. Now let us understand the ways to improve the website design

Ways to Improve Website Design

The following list of will help in improving the web design to attract more traffic:

1) About Us section
This will help the visitors to understand about the website and its purpose.

2) Alt and title text
One should make use of the alt and title attributes for every XHTML tag on your website that supports them to improve the accessibility.

3) Archive URLs
Outdated content should be archived properly without resorting to change the URL.

4) Content management
Content must be updated regularly and it must be crisp. It can be supported by good visuals. Important Types of

Successful Viral Content can be:

A.) The Manifesto
This refers to the in depth researched argument that the reader will wholeheartedly agree with. Example: Why I'm a Vegetarian, Dammit, an essay on a vegetarian recipe blog, received over 14,000 shares on StumbleUpon alone.

B.) The ...

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