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    designing a B2C and a B2B online system

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    What types of information would be available to consider when designing a B2C and a B2B online system?
    What channels does one have to gather or purchase that information?

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    Website characteristis need to be,
    * Navigation
    * Response Time
    * Content
    * Interactivity and Responsiveness

    Information Requirements
    * Best Products to Sell on eBay

    * Create an Informational Product That Sells

    * Decide Best Product to Sell Online

    * Drop-Ship Your Way to Success
    Forget handling inventory-find a shipping partner to fulfill orders for you.

    * How Noncompete Agreements Work
    There are legal steps you can take to prevent former employees from stealing your clients, but there are also restrictions on those steps.

    * Make Money With Affiliate ...

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    Tips for designing a B2C and a B2B online system are embedded.