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Case Analysis: Fitness and Nutrition Start-Up Company

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Case Assignment:

Imagine that you have been hired as a consultant to write a report for a group of executives from a start-up company. This company wants to create a website as a resource for people who want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle combining the best fitness and nutrition options. They will collect articles, tips and videos from all over Internet with the goal of being the "go-to" place for this topic.

To monetize the site, this start-up will sell advertising to carefully screened health clubs, fitness professionals and food stores like Whole Foods.

You are asked to identify 3 challenges the site can be expected to face and to make 3 very strong recommendations for creating and monetizing the website. Explain your rationale for each recommendation, with references to the assigned reading. You may use other high-quality resources found in ProQuest or Ebsco. However, if you use Wikipedia your client will faint dead away and be unable to sign your check.
You are being very well-paid so you need to make sure you turn in a quality piece of writing, with impeccable logic and reasoning. The company will not accept your report if you do not cite sources appropriately; they cannot afford a lawsuit.

Please add resource information to information provided, this will allow me to get a better idea on how to work on these type of papers.

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Solution Summary

This solution provides a detailed case analysis involving a detailed discussion of challenges to the given website venture and several strong recommendations.

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Executive Report:

The creation of a website that will give the organization the platform of interacting with its target market is very significant. This will be the arena created for establishing maximum impact to the target consumers were the individuals in the target market will be reached. The needs of the clients are altering and in this current market, consumers have developed the need for gaining access to company websites so that they can locate their goods and services offered with ease. The main aim of this website will be giving of total information to guide the individuals in the target market on how to live in a healthy manner as they enjoy their lifestyles. In the Implementation process of the website, there are bound to be a lot challenges that will be faced (Maintaining, n.d).

The three biggest challenges that can be faced in website creation are: accessibility, readability and compatibility. The web has been dominated by a lot of diverse information on different topics. The challenge that will be experienced in the implementing of the site to the general audience will be whether the site can be accessed by the target audience. This challenge ...

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