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Human Resource Management - Diversity In The Workplace

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Please discuss the following:

- What are some activities and exercises that can improve a student's learning in this area?
- What are the current and future applications and relevance to the workplace?
- What is the potential impact on one's personal life and career plans?

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Before answering these questions it is important to understand what diversity in the workplace means. A common definition would be that diversity makes reference to the human qualities that differ from our own and that differ from the groups to which we belong, but these qualities are manifested in other groups and other individuals. These differences include, but are not limited to age, race, gender, physical abilities, educational background, religious beliefs, income, sexual orientation and marital status just to name a few.

There are games and activities that can increase a student's ability to understand and learn about workplace diversity as well as assist them to understand that regardless of the differences of people in the workplace they all share a common humanity. Games lead to conversation and the whole idea of them is to allow people to talk freely about diversity. One such activity I have used in training conducted on workplace diversity was to create a chain of ...

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In just under 700 words, this solution discusses workplace diversity and how it pertains to activities and exercises in the workplace. In addition, this solution looks at how workplace diversity may change in the future and how it impacts one's personal life.

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