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    How can diversity initiatives benefit a company? Alternative work arrangements.

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    I am looking for an in-depth discussion and explanation of the questions and scenario below.

    How can diversity initiatives benefit a company?

    What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative work arrangements?

    Assume you are the plant manager for a company that manufactures tires for cars and light trucks. To compete more economically in the global market, the company is seriously considering closing the plant within the next year and moving manufacturing operations to Southeast Asia. Upon hearing about the possible plant closing, the union votes to launch a strike in one week if its demands for job security are not met. Because of a recent surge in orders, the company is not in a position to close the plant yet.

    What are your options as you continue to negotiate with union representatives?

    What legal and ethical issues do you need to consider? Which option would you choose and why?

    How do self-directed work teams relate to Maslow's hierarchy and Herzberg's theory of motivation?

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    How can diversity initiatives benefit a company?

    Discrimination in a firm can jeopardize the stability of an entire organization. The lack of understanding because of ethnic, religious, cultural or gender-related misunderstandings can cause enough friction in the workplace to make the corporation less productive. When people work in a truly diverse organization they may feel challenged and fulfilled in many ways.

    Diversity initiatives can help company personnel learn to appreciate the strengths of co-workers and members who may seem unlike themselves, laying the foundation for synergy, cooperation, and optimal input. These initiatives increase trust among social and ethnic groups who do not know enough about each other. The most successful companies have created a culture where embracing varied perspectives is an integral part of their business tactics, from daily decision-making to strategic planning and career development. Diverse employees can also offer an extraordinarily wide range of proficiencies for doing business in any marketplace.

    What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of alternative work arrangements?


    1. Productivity: Employees that are comfortable with their work schedule tend to have better attendance, enhanced productivity, and greater commitment to the organization.

    2. Improved personnel morale: Alternative work arrangements increase flexibility and time for personal business for the employees so that they can choose their personally efficient hours. This helps to boost their morale.

    3. Lower frequency of sick leaves: Alternative work arrangements can reduce the amount of ...

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