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Diversity in the Workplace:Advantages/Disadvantages

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1: How does diversity play a part within the workplace? In what ways would you manage a diverse workforce?

2: Describe some of the advantages or disadvantages of having a diverse environment. In what ways does conflict facilitate creativity within a diverse workforce?

3: What concerns and considerations should managers be aware of regarding diversity within a working environment? How do managers promote diversity appropriately? Explain your answer.

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1: How does diversity play a part within the workplace? In what ways would you manage a diverse workforce? 

Diversity plays a part within the workplace in that people with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures are able to interact and learn from one another. Each of us brings different viewpoints based on our past experience. By having a diverse group you are more likely to be able to reach a broad range of customers and understand a broader range of issues.

In order to manage diversity it is important to treat each person equally but still take advantage of the different talents and strengths they might have. For instance, a middle-aged woman would most likely address issues from a different stance than a new college graduate or an immigrant with global experience. It is key to recognize the strengths of each employee, and encourage others within the department to do so as well. In addition, one must be sensitive to the employee and not point out his or her differences, or state, "Because you are (fill in "a woman" or "Chinese", etc). That would be discriminatory. Instead, one could state, "Perhaps you could shed light on this subject, based on your experiences."
None of us are exactly like ...

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This solution discusses diversity in the workplace, how to manage a diverse workforce, and some of the advantages and disadvantages of a diverse workforce. It also discusses concerns and considerations managers should be aware of within a working environment and discusses how to promote diversity appropriately. It includes examples and a link.