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    Seeking to differentiate attributes

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    When a firm's strategy seeks to differentiate attributes and lower prices, it is said that this approach is a combination strategy. The reason why some firms seek to use this combination approach is because the advantage is additive. An example of this concept, in a car manufacturing setting, would be when the manufacturers lowers operational cost through high quality processing; which ends up lowering rework costs or warranty claims.

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    There are a few different things going on in this statement. When a firm differentiates attributes, they're making the product more desirable to customers by focusing on the differences in the firm's product compared to the competitor's product. This can be combined with lowered prices, but doesn't have to be. If the lowered prices are used with differentiation, it can be called a combination ...

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    This solution explains whether it is true or false that a combination strategy can be defined as differentiating attributes. A detailed explanation is provided.