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product or corporate differentiation

Is everybody able to visit a Wal-Mart or a bank branch? (If not, don't worry. You may comment on the observations of those who can visit.) Please visit either or both if available. Take a careful look as you walk around. What evidence can you find of product or corporate differentiation?

Here are some tips on what to look for. (Some evidence may be found on their websites as well.) Look carefully. Are the employees friendly? Helpful? More so than at their competitors? Are the desks at the bank fancy (fancier than other banks?) Are the counters made of marble? (Is marble fancy?) I'm trying to give hints of what may differentiate one from another -- kind of like the tough Ford truck in the weekly announcement.

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For Wal-Mart: There is a person greeting you every time you enter and offering a cart. In many stores today, there isn't enough money to pay a staff just to greet people. Once you enter the store, deals are directed straight at you. The rollback ...

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product or corporate differentiation of Wal-Mart and bank branches