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    Determining Strategy in Organizations

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    What are the different types of strategies? What are the differences among these strategies? How do you determine which type of strategy is most appropriate for your organization?

    What are strategic objectives? What is the purpose of strategic objectives? What makes an effective strategic objective? What are some examples of strategic objectives for you organization or one with which you are familiar?

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    A company may utilize a growth strategy, in which they are focused on introducing new products or adding features to existing products. This may be necessary to keep up with competitors.

    A company may use a product differentiation strategy in which they have a discernable advantage over their customers- perhaps, price, quality or features. This can help set them apart from competitors and build brand loyalty.

    A price skimming strategy is one in which high prices are set for ...

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    This solution discusses the differences between different types of strategies and how determine the best strategy for an organization. Is also defines strategic objectives, their purpose, and gives examples of effective strategic objectives. Solution includes APA formatting.