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    Implementation and Control

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    You are part of a company who has made the strategic decision to acquire another company. There are two possible implementation strategies for this decision:

    A. Merge the acquired company into your company. The result of this strategy will be one company containing the elements of both companies.

    1. What are the pros and cons of this implementation strategy?

    2. How will you know if the strategy is working?

    B. Operate the acquired company as a separate business entity. The result of this strategy will be two separate companies under one senior management "umbrella" (the senior management team that is responsible for running both companies).

    1. What are the pros and cons of this implementation strategy?

    2. How will you know if the strategy is working?

    Be sure to cite all references in APA format.

    Identify examples of good and bad business practices in the use of strategy design components.

    Research and discuss some of the changes occurring in the way that organizations structure themselves and their work.

    Analyze the relationships between a firm and the political and economic forces within its community.

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    Implementation and Control:

    Organizations which are available in the industries with a purpose of profit generation will always ensure that they find different strategies and utilize different tactics with an aim of generating more profits and having a stinger competitive base. Utilization of mergers as a way of obtaining the resources of another company available in an industry is considered to be an aspect to be taken into consideration as it ensures that the company obtains a competitive strength over its competitors available in the industry. Acquisition and mergers are considered to be growth strategies which different organizations or companies available in an industry are always taking into consideration.

    Pros And Cons Of Merger Implementation Strategy:

    The existence of famous and rich players in the industry have played part in ensuring that the mergers and acquisitions which are available in an industry have made the strategy of mergers and acquisitions possible within various industries. There are various advantages and disadvantages associated to the merger implementation strategy for the organizations in question. Expansion is one of the advantages associated to mergers.

    When two or more companies' merger with an aim of doing business, expansion is an aspect to be noted on various aspects of the company such as the increase in the company's physical size as well as the available resources that the company has. Expansion means that there will be a widen customer base as enhanced market presence which means that an organization has the capability of enhancing its processes of operation and utilizing a limited capital for the operation of the merged company.

    In addition, vertical integration is also a factor to be taken into consideration since it is a benefit arising from the merging of companies especially when the merger is between the suppliers and the producers. ...

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    In about 2,566 words, this solution discusses implementation and control, benefits and negatives to a merger implementation strategy, and how to determine if a merger strategy is working. Umbrella management is also discussed and how to determine if it's working. Includes 3 references.