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    Family Conflict Reaction Review

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    Hi OTA,
    I need help with this assignment. I have tried to work on it and I realized I need some assistance.

    This a case study assignment and the question I must address is- What is (are) your initial reaction(s) or strategy(s) to resolving this conflict?

    I have provided the case study and the questions that I beleive would be helpful to address the above question.

    I need 500 to 600 words paper with APA references.

    Thank you.

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    Dear Student,
    Hello. Please bear in mind that the reaction I have written down is according to a simulated view - if you have your own views, please feel free to include them in your final paper. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Initial reaction: The Patton Family Case

    After reading the case study and the specifics of their problem, including the financial statements of both individuals (Denise and Rob), I believe that initially, what both participants seem to have neglected to do is to communicate with each other well. Good communication between husband and wife is key to understanding each other's needs, where they stand on certain issues and a means by which to keep relationships going. Also, it seemed to me that Rob has altogether just 'given up' - if one does not read that they have had issues for 2 years already, one can easily assume that 'love is lost' between the couple. 23 years of marriage and they were unable to find the trust, love, concern and support such duration of togetherness should have provided. It seemed to me that there is more to the issue than just the difficulty of handling their son. It is easy to see that Rob had a different socialization from Denise with regards to their ...

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    The solution is a 'reaction/review' of a particular divorce (marriage conflict) case - that of what seems to be the imminent breakdown of the Patton family. The Couple, in conflict over how to manage their ADHD son is challenged with raising a rebellious teen and a young boy while not seeing eye-to-eye on how the household should be run and the children should be raised. The wife is totally dependent financially on the husband while ignoring his opinions on childrearing and he has had enough. The solution provides a review and analysis of the case with legal and psycho-social viewpoints. References are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.