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Non-Market Environment

What are the three ways in which nonmarket issues can be resolved, or the boundary between market and non-market be set? Give an example of each.
What makes crises different from other events in the nonmarket environment?
Give an example of the role of information in the nonmarket environment. Be sure to explain the role played by the information in your example.
Give two reasons why governments regulate the activities of business firms. Illustrate each with an example.

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Three ways in which nonmarket issues can be resolved are by complying with environmental laws, ensuring safety of employees in the workplace, and assuming corporate responsibility. One example of compliance with environmental laws is to treat toxic fumes and make them harmless before releasing them into the air. One example of ensuring safety of employees in the workplace is to have metal guards that protect employees in a factory wherever there are moving machine parts. The example of assuming corporate responsibility is the development and implementation of a code of ...

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