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    HR and Work Migration

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    What are two (2) factors that HR managers would need to consider when teaching employees about the culture in a researched country for work migration. Recommend two (2) actions that HR managers can take in order to prepare their employees for work in a foreign country.

    What are two (2) issues that may occur during the HR planning process when employees are transferred to other countries to work as expatriates? Provide two (2) solutions to these issues.

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    Culture often affects the laws in a country. It is important for an employee working in another country to understand the laws in the foreign country in order to avoid mishaps and legal issues. One factor that HR managers need to consider when preparing employees for work migration is how laws in other countries can greatly differ from those of their home country. In order to help employees adapt to a new country, its culture and business practices, HR can hold meetings where employees are able to meet people who have lived and worked in the foreign country. There could be question and answer sessions to help employees understand the culture of the foreign country. The question and answer sessions could include the employee's spouse and children.

    Language is influenced by culture. Even in countries where English is spoken, the manner in which it is used can vary from country to country. English, though studied in other countries, may not be used extensively. Another factor that HR needs to ...

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