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    Third Party Conflict Resolution: Analyze Possible Intervention Strategies

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    Prepare a paper in which you analyze the possible intervention strategies. Apply what you believe to be the best strategy and explain how it should resolve the conflict. In case your best strategy does not work, or is rejected, develop and describe at least one contingency plan.

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    I cannot write a paper for you. I can however, give you a basic outline of third party conflict resolution and the process that I would follow as the neutral party. Using your text and information from class, you can tailor this to specifics you feel are necessary to address, reorder the way it is set up, or add any intervention methods you see as part of successful improvement in the situation. The good thing about conflict resolution is, one size does not fit all and every intervention is different with different needs, different solutions, and different approaches to the solutions.

    Apparently in this scenario there are issues of management, trust, and communication. There is a lack of trust between the vice president and senior vice president as evidenced by the lack of knowledge by the senior vice president about the five year plan. There is also a lack of trust between the vice president and the assistant vice president. The issue of communication comes from the lack of information either man in the scenario has about the man who they are discussing and his ideas, motives, and plans. Not communicating between levels of management is a management issue and problem. First the issue of communication and with it the issue of trust must be addressed and quickly. Management issues may resolve themselves if the first two issues are addressed and solutions that are acceptable to all parties are found. Otherwise the issue of management and chain of command will also need to be addressed, though with a successful plan, this can be unnecessary.

    The first thing for the senior vice president to do is so to call a meeting with both Charlie and Joe. The meeting should be facilitated by an outside facilitator who can guide the discussion and help discover the communication problems occurring ...

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